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Important Notice

2020/07/07 End of Sales: Liteguide Controller AE500
2018/07/12 End of Sales: MC Tension Sensor
2018/07/12 End of Sales: PSI-3000
2018/07/12 End of Sales: BCON3000plus/3100plus
2018/03/26 End of Sales: SKIPMASTER SM5000 Series
2018/01/22 End of Sales: Booster Amplifier TB820
2018/01/22 End of Sales: Intrinsic Safety Construction MB Tension Sensor
2017/12/21 End of Sales: Eddy Current Level Meter MA1000 Series
2017/12/15 End of Sales : Web Guide Amplifier EH323
2017/09/25 End of Sales : HS Melters HS500M2
2017/09/19 End of Sales : Laser Type EPC Sensor SLH20B
2017/07/14 End of Sales : BCON-NW
2016/11/10 End of Sales :
Zener barrier box for MB Tension Sensor
Zener barrier box for Electro-pneumatic Converter
2016/10/17 End of Sales : Power Supply Unit for Skipmaster Controller SM5140PS
2016/10/17 End of Sales : Signal Conditioner SC100
2016/05/24 End of Sales : SKIPMASTER SM13
2016/05/24 End of Sales : Remote Control Unit RP66 Series
2016/05/12 End of Sales : AC Servo Driver Unit SP-150
2016/05/12 End of Sales : Skipmaster Controller LM200
2016/05/12 End of Sales : Liteguide Controller AE302
2016/05/12 End of Sales : Liteguide Controller AE61E
2016/02/29 End of Sales : Defect inspection system for plain surfaces (Mujiken)
2015/12/21 End of Sales : SKIPMASTER SM5000/A Series
2015/12/19 End of Sales : CALGRAPH9000N
2015/12/19 End of Sales : CALGRAPH9000
2015/10/14 End of Sales : AUTOWIDE SENSOR
2014/10/28 Notice of end of maintenance checks and repair period of the Automatic Register Control System MR5000 and MR5000EX
2014/08/08 End of Sales Announcement for HS MELTER MK-V series
2014/06/30 Notice of end of Sales Announcement of Glue Monitor GM700
2014/04/15 Notice of end of sales of the COMES (COlor MEasuring System) series
2014/04/15 Notice of end of repairs to the DIPS series of plain surface quality inspection systems
2014/02/21 Notice of end of Sales of the Skipmaster SM2000 Series
2014/02/10 Notice of end of sale of Bias Booster, BB100
2013/11/27 Notice of end of sale of the tension sensor FT0 and T0 series
2013/06/18 Notice of end of sales of the AR100, AR110 and AR120 paper-break detectors