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About Nireco

Nireco is engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of the control, measurement and inspection equipment that is essential to the process of manufacturing products for a large number of industries, ranging from steel and chemicals to food and printing. Since our establishment in 1950, we have been supplying various products and services to the industrial world by promoting more advanced control technology carefully developed over many years and by growing the resulting technology application discoveries. Today, we remain committed to deepening the trust we have earned across society by continuing to provide solutions to the various business challenges facing our customers.

Our mission

Nireco will continue to contribute to the realization of a prosperous and sustainable society by making advances in technology centered on optical applications and image analysis and by building trust with customers and partners.

To realize a prosperous and sustainable society

To realize a prosperous and sustainable society

Nireco’s four businesses segments

Nireco conducts research in various technical fields such as electricity, fluids and optics. Our research is centered around control, measurement and inspection technologies. Currently, we are developing business in four segments: process control, web control, inspection systems and optics.

Process Control Business

High-quality, high-performance steel sheets used for automobiles and electronic devices are manufactured under strict quality control. We manufacture and sell equipment that provides indispensable support for sheet quality and production efficiency.

Web Control Business

Thin sheets (also called webs), such as film and paper, cannot be precisely manufactured or processed unless the running position and sheet tension are kept constant. We manufacture and sell the control and inspection equipment that are critical to managing these requirements.

Inspection Systems Business

We manufacture and sell equipment that inspects the quality of materials and detects defects, which is essential for making high-definition, high-quality products.

Optics Business

We manufacture and sell laser-equipped devices that are used as light sources for marking and processing products and performing semiconductor and medical inspections.

Where Nireco’s products are used

Nireco products can be found in production lines in a wide range of industries, from materials such as steel and film, electronic devices such as PCs and smartphones, to food products. By providing products that can be customized according to the characteristics of the production line of each industry, we contribute to better quality and higher production efficiency.

Steel / Nonferrous Metal

Process Control Inspection System
Society depends enormously on steel, which is used in everything from buildings and bridges to railways, automobiles and ships. The control and measurement technology that integral parts of the steel production line is Nireco’s specialty.

Chemical / Printing

Web Control Inspection System
Nireco’s control and inspection technology contributes to the controlled management and quality inspection integral to the printing of magazines and newspapers as well as the production of high-performance films, an important component of next-generation batteries.

Food / Agriculture

Inspection System Web Control
We contribute to the provision of safe and secure food with technology that automatically distinguishes the quality of fresh fruit and fresh products, and by providing control and inspection equipment and components used in the production lines for food packaging films.

Electrical / Electronic

Inspection System Web Control
We provide technologies that are essential for the production of high-performance films, which function as core components in PC and smartphone screens and in next-generation batteries such as secondary batteries and fuel cells.


The laser and optical component technology strengths of the Nireco Group support the inspection of semiconductors used in a wide range of electronic devices such as PCs smartphones and high-definition TVs.


Optics Inspection System
Nireco is engaged in many areas of activity, such as laser light sources required for cutting-edge medical equipment and high-precision processing technology for optical components needed for the production of optical equipment.
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Nireco’s challenges and R&D activities

In order to meet the needs of customers, Nireco is constantly focused on research and development of new technologies that center around sensing technology, image processing technology and optical technology. We provide unique products in four segments: process control, web control, inspection systems and optics.

Development of optical technology

Development of optical technology

In addition to developing optical components and spectroscopic technology that enable optimal light wavelength conversion and wavelength control for use in measurement and inspection devices, we develop sensors, measurement equipment, inspection devices and laser light sources that rely on all types of electromagnetic waves such as ultraviolet light, infrared light and X-rays.

Higher performance image analysis technology

Higher performance image analysis technology

We have been developing customized image processing & analysis technology and data processing technology solutions for many years to meet diverse needs. By increasing the speed and functionality of image analysis technology, it can be utilized in a range of control, measurement and inspection products.

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