Process Control Business

Process Control

Process ControlOur Process Control Business provides products mainly used for steel and nonferrous metals production processes. Process Control has been a core business for Nireco since the company’s beginning. We started by providing process control equipment that use hydraulic power to control operating conditions such as temperature and pressure in the steelmaking process. Today, our equipment products play an important role in supporting quality and efficiency in a wide range of steel-product manufacturing processes. In addition to providing products, our after-sales services such as maintenance and replacement of parts and factory components play an important role in supporting steel-product production. The strengths of this business rest on our solid track record of reliability built up over many years of experience enabling customers to keep production lines running smoothly and our extensive system of support services.

Introducing our leading products

Electro-hydraulic Actuator

Controls pressure, flow rate and temperature inside the blast furnace.

Eddy Current Level Meter

Eddy currents are used to measure the level of molten steel poured into a cast.

Edge Position Control Systems

Controls the meandering of the steel strip traveling along the production line.

Automatic Marking Systems

Imprints various information on the finished metal product.

Product Information