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Web Control

Web control equipment In the thin products industry (large strips of metal, paper etc.), “web” refers to thin objects in a sheet or rolled form. Examples of thin objects used in daily production in different industries are paper for newspaper and magazine printing, resin sheets for making liquid crystal panels for notebook computers and smartphones and food packaging films. “Web control” is the process of controlling such thin objects during manufacture to prevent shifting, sagging or wrinkling during the production process. Specifically, “aligning”, “pulling” and “adjusting” are the main kinds of controls required in the production of thin objects. Nireco cultivated this technology through our development of strip controlling equipment in our Process Control Business. By combining this technology with our “inspection” technology later developed in our Inspection Systems Business, we have become an all-in-one provider of web control equipment and inspection services that can meet a wide range of customer needs.

Introducing our leading products

Edge Position Control Systems

This system is installed at the winding, intermediate and/or unwinding phase along the roll-to-roll production line to control the meandering of various types of webs.

Tension Control Systems

Keeps the web tension constant and enables stable, high-precision during various phases of production.

Automatic Register Control Systems

This system is used with multicolor printing machines to control the color-to-color registration on rotogravure printing laterally and on the circumference.

Print Quality Inspection Systems

These systems Inspect food packaging and printedsurfaces for din or contamination and automatically Identify faults.

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