Nireco History

A pioneer in automatic control

The corporation currently known as Nireco made its start when in 1931, a German enterprise Askania Werke AG established its Japanese corporation Askania. Five years later, in 1936, Askania reorganized to become a joint-stock corporation, at the same time redirecting its business activity from importing to domestic production of hydraulic-jet-pipe automatic control systems. Eventually, Askania was succeeded by Nihon Regulator, which, based on manufacturing experience and technological know-how gained during the 2nd World War, became a developer and manufacturer of process automation systems. Nihon Regulator made a name for itself as a pioneer in automatic control and was actively involved in industrial development in Japan. Since then, Nireco has come to embody the essential technology of control systems that are used by manufactures at each step of the process, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, to use resources more effectively, automate processes, save energy and standardize output all to help build today’s international competitiveness.

Nov. 1950Nihon Regulator Co., Ltd. established in Chuo-ku in Tokyo
Mar. 1951Meguro plant begins production in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Nov. 1956Rokugo Plant begins production in Ota-ku, Tokyo
May. 1965Hachioji Office opens in Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Aug. 1969Head Office relocated to Minato-ku, Tokyo
Jun. 1971Meguro Plant operations transferred to the Hachioji Office site
May. 1972Subsidiary Nireco Service Co., Ltd (later Nireco Keiso Co., Ltd.) established
Jul. 1979Head Office relocated to Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Mar. 1984Rokugo Plant operations transferred to the Hachioji Office site
Nov. 1984Company name changed to Nireco Corporation
Oct. 1989Registered on the OTC share market with the Japan Securities Dealers Association (currently JASDAQ)
Jun. 1996Head Office relocated to Minato-ku, Tokyo
Jul. 1996Construction of the research wing of the Hachioji Office completed
May. 1998Acquired Nireco Taiwan Corporation following application for capital increase
Dec. 1998ISO9001 certification for all web controllers gained
Nov. 200050th anniversary since the Company’s founding
Nov. 2003Nireco Automatic Controller (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in Shanghai, China
Dec. 2004Terminated registration as an OTC company and listed stocks on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange
Mar. 2012Closed our Kyobashi Office and merged it with our Hachioji Office
Jul. 2013With the merging of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange, we became listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (standard)
Oct. 2013Merged with and absorbed subsidiary Nireco Keiso Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2014Nireco Process Korea Co.,Ltd. established in Korea.
May. 2015Completed the rebuilding, seismic strengthening and the new construction of ancillary facilities of our Hachioji office in order to accommodate to aging.
Feb. 2017Acquired Megaopto Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2019Nireco International GmbH established in Germany
Merged with and absorbed subsidiary Megaopt Co., Ltd.
Acquired the Japanese company Kogakugiken Corp.
Jul. 2021Acquired the Japanese company SEIBU Electric Corp.
Apr. 2022Transfer to TSE Standard market because of Market restructuring of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Mar. 2023Nireco Process Korea Co.,Ltd. changed company name to Nireco Korea Corporation