Optics Business

Optics Business

Optics BusinessOur Optics Business provides laser equipment and optical components for applications in a variety of advanced technology fields.
Due to their special characteristics, lasers are widely utilized in industrial and medical fields for marking products and as light sources for various types of inspection technologies. We provide laser equipment utilizing our storehouse of solid-state laser and fiber laser technologies for application in a wide range of devices such as semiconductor inspection devices, industrial processing devices and medical diagnostic devices. Our ability to manufacture high-quality optical components comes from a combination of high-level optical design technologies, high-precision processing technology and measurement/evaluation technology, skillful engineers and state-of-the-art production facilities that exists within Nireco Group companies. We provide a wide selection of optical components, such as wave plates and polarizers, customized to the needs of our customers in industrial and academic fields.

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Optical components


Kogakugiken Corp. is a Nireco group company with strengths in high-precision processing technologies for crystal and glass materials, as well as measurement and evaluation technologies for evaluating the precision and optical characteristics of these processes.

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