Nireco’s Code of Conduct

Based on our principle of “Nireco with technology and trust”, we set a code of conduct that requires all of Nireco’s directors and employees to follow. We conduct sound corporate operations with a high level of business ethics and aim to establish ourselves as a company that can make a contribution to society.
This code of conduct receives preference over all of Nireco’s regulations, rules and provisions.

1. Fair and transparent corporate operations

We strictly comply with relevant laws, social principles and Nireco’s internal rules and conduct fair and transparent corporate operations with ethics and sensible judgments.

2. Provision of socially relevant and quality products and services

We aim to cultivate customer satisfaction and trust by providing socially relevant and quality products and services.

3. Fair business practice

We put social credibility first and conduct fair, transparent and free competition and proper trading.

4. Appropriate information management

We appropriately manage and protect customer and company information including personal information.

5. Protection of natural environment

We actively promote the protection of the natural environment through our products and business activities and aim to establish an environment-friendly business.

6. Social contribution

We build a global field of view, conduct business operations in line with laws, regulations and cultures of different countries and regions and make contributions to the development of countries and regions.

7. Establishment of a good working environment

We strive to make and maintain a good working environment where all of our employees can work safely and efficiently to have a comfortable and affluent life.

8. Respecting human rights and building human resources

We respect basic human rights and basic rights of labor. There is no discrimination and harassment in our company. We also respect employees’ personalities and characteristics and try to extend employees’ skills under a fair evaluation framework.

9. Active public relations

We maintain good communication with our stakeholders as well as the general public and provide corporate information promptly and openly.

10. Top management responsibility

The top management acknowledges that realizing the principle of this code of conduct is its essential role and is committed to managing and leading the company as well as establishing internal structures. If an issue or a situation that violates this code of conduct is identified, the top management promptly and appropriately solves the issue, prevents recurrence of the issue and strictly implements disciplinary actions.