President’s message

President and CEO Shinichi Nakasugi

Measurement, Inspection and Alignment

Creating a Better Society

with “Technology and Trust”

To our business partners, shareholders and all other stakeholders, we sincerely appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

Nireco Corporation’s history traces back to 1931, when Askania, L.P., a German hydraulic injection control equipment manufacturer, established a distributor in Japan. The distributor was dissolved at the end of World War II, but in 1950 former Japanese employees founded Nihon Regulator Co., Ltd., guided by the principles of “technology and trust”. For nearly a century, Nireco has dedicated itself to honing its expertise as a manufacturer of measurement, inspection, and control equipment. By providing technology that allows for precise “Measurement”, “Inspection” and “Alignment” to eliminate irregularities and solve challenges in production environments, Nireco enables our customers to actively anticipate and prevent problems. Our commitment to quality management, stable operations and continuous improvement has a broad impact on industry and society, by reducing waste and defects, ensuring alignment with sustainable development goals (SDGs) and realizing a better world.

The fields taking advantage of Nireco’s technology have expanded from traditional industries such as metals, printing and film to now include industries of rapidly growing technology sophistication such as food inspection, food packaging, semiconductors and rechargeable batteries. Moreover, we are taking a two-way approach to globalization by incorporating excellent cross-border technology and exporting our proprietary expertise. Moving forward, we will continue to tackle challenges in measurement, inspection, and control by leveraging our long-standing technical knowledge while pursuing innovative and unique technologies.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and encouragement in the future.

Shinichi Nakasugi

President and CEO

Nireco Corporation