Print Quality & Pouch Packaging Inspection Systems / Gluing Systems

Print Quality Inspection Systems

Equipment systems that detect printing blots on a food package or printing surface and automatically identify fault sections.

Print Quality Inspection Systems

Pouch Packaging Inspection Systems

Equipment systems that inspect packages of food, drugs and medicines for package defects or foreign objects in packages with a high degree of accuracy.

Gluing Control Systems

For various business forms (slips and envelopes) or carton can production processes, different glue application patterns are required depending on the products. Nireco’s gluer systems satisfy customer needs with a wide range of products and technologies applicable to any conditions including cold glue and hot melt glue application. In addition to simple gluing processes, our gluer systems can be applied to build high-quality production systems. For example, on a duplicated cartons detection machine, a gluing condition can be displayed as an image, and if there is an error, the operator is notified and the machine is stopped. Control equipment and monitoring systems for automatic gluing processes of business forms such as slips and can and paper making.

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