Product Search: By Industry

For the steel and non-ferrous metal industries

NIRECO have a wide range of products that support the quality and efficiency of production lines in the steel and non-ferrous metal industries, in a wide variety of production processes from steelmaking to surface treatment.

For electronics, batteries, and high-performance films industries

High-performance materials are important components for flat panel displays, next-generation batteries such as rechargeable batteries and fuel cells, and semiconductors, which are expected to grow in the future. Nireco provides optimal control and inspection equipment for these production processes.

For the industrial machinery industries

Nireco provides the control and inspection systems that contribute to online and offline product quality control and production efficiency improvement.

For printing, pouch packaging making and paper processing industries

Nireco provides products related to control and inspection that are indispensable in printing, papermaking, and bag making, such as paper winding and unwinding control, register positioning, print quality inspection, gluing for processing, and quality confirmation in bag making.

For the textile, tire, rubber, foil material (aluminum sheet), and chemical industries

Control, inspection, analysis, and analysis systems required for various production processes in the textile, tire, rubber, foil material, and chemical industries. Nireco offers a wide range of products that can meet various needs.

For the agriculture industry

Nireco’s fruit and vegetable products quality inspection systems not only inspects the shape and color of fruit and vegetables, but also nondestructively inspects for minute flaws and blemishes that are difficult for the human eye to recognize, as well as the degree of taste, such as sugar content and acidity. This helps to stabilize the quality of fruits and vegetables and improve the efficiency of the sorting process.