Applicator nozzles for Cold glue system

Applicator nozzles for Cold glue system


Both electromagnetic and air-driven models are available, and they provide fast, stable, and highly accurate intermittent and continuous gluing.


  • Applicable to glues with viscosities ranging from low to high.
  • A screw guider is included to allow fine adjustment of the approach to the object to be glued.
  • The nozzle tip diameter can be selected according to specifications.
  • The special structure ensures excellent glue removal.
  • The thickness of the melt application line can be easily adjusted by adjusting the melt pressure, changing the nozzle tip depending on the nozzle model, and using the glue volume adjustment knob.
  • The main part of the nozzle has been treated with a special effect to ensure a long service life.


Type AN10-A03 AN20-CG-E03-N06 AN20-CH-E03-N04 AN10-E12MN AN10-E24CD AN10-AAW-N AN10-AA03
Driving method Electromagnetic Air-driven
Atomizing method
Atomizing method
Drive voltage 5VDC 5VDC 12VDC 24VDC *1 5VDC
Drive voltage 0.3 to 0.7MPa
Response 3600 times/min. 18000 times/min. 30000 times/min. 3600 times/min. 10000 times/min. 300 times/min. 300 times/min.
Glue supply pressure (max) 0.2MPa 0.5MPa 0.9MPa 0.6MPa 0.9MPa 0.2MPa 0.2MPa
Atomizing air voltage 0.7MPa(MAX) 0.7MPa(MAX)
Atomizing operating voltage *1
Operating temperature Normal temperature (5 to 40℃)
Coating Method Contact type Non-Contact type Non-contact type (diffusion)
Purpose BF/ Offset rotary printing Book making/ Offset rotary printing Carton Atomizing
Glue Viscosity (max) 700mPa・S 1300mPa・S 1500mPa・S 500mPa・S 500mPa・S
Discharge port diameter selection Non available Non available Non available Available*2 Available*2 Non available Non available
Discharge volume adjustment Available Available Available Non available Available Available Available

*1:Select from 12VCD, 24VCD, 100VAC, and 200VAC.

*2:A variety of glue discharge diameters are available.

■About Cold Glues (Room Temperature Adhesives)
The operation and dispensing (coating) characteristics have been verified assuming the use of a water-based vinyl acetate emulsion for general paper processing (700 mPa-s at 25°C, 500 mPa-s at 25°C for AN10-AA03/AAW-N) for the nozzle (gun).
However, the operation and dispensing characteristics are not necessarily guaranteed for all adhesives, including the aforementioned adhesives, depending on the system and various conditions.
We do not select adhesives, nor do we specify (or recommend) manufacturers or adhesive models.
We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by defects in the gluing equipment or adhesives, including nozzles.

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