Glue Monitor GM800

Glue Monitor GM800


The Glue Monitor GM800 can be combined with either a glue sensor for glue nozzles or a glue sensor for glue wheels, to identify the length and position of the gluing. When the gluing length is longer or shorter than the reference dimension, or if the amount of glue applied is less than the reference value, the system displays an error and outputs a relay contact. This relay contact can be used to activate a buzzer or warning light to notify the operator or to stop the machine.


  • There are two types: one for glue wheels (for paperboard, corrugated cardboard, and foil/vapor-deposited paperboard) and one for envelopes. Non-contact inspection.
  • It is not affected by the viscosity of the glue. The standard setting is done automatically. Glue wheel glue detectors are designed to be compact.
  • Detects on the opposite side of the glued surface.(*The GMB30 and GMH890 detect glue on the side where it is applied.)


Line speed10~300m/min
Encoder inputLine driver resolution 1200 P/R
Complimentary resolution 600 P/R
* The number of pulses and the circumferential length can be changed via the touch-screen panel.
Ambient operating temperature0~50℃
Output contact capacityMemorization failure output (relay) a contact, AC250 V 1A、DC30 V 1A
Inspection abnormality output (relay) a contact, AC250 V 1A, DC30 V 1A
Delay-exceeded output (PhotoMOS) AC200 V 0.1 A, DC24 V 0.1 A
Photo-coupler output DC24 V 40 mA (2 outputs per unit)
Power supply voltageAC100~220V 50/60Hz(no switching required)
Power consumption200VA

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