Its simple design means that anyone can easily and accurately operate it

Its simple design means that anyone can easily and accurately operate it


Seven Big Steps Forward!

  • 3-layer 4096-pixel 80 MHz cameras

    Equivalent to or higher horizontal and vertical resolution compared with 3-line camera systems. Faithful color reproduction for higher detection performance

  • LED illumination

    The higher luminance from the LEDs and the elimination of light intensity variation create an even level of lighting that enables stable detection

  • New image processing board

    The processing performance is approximately twice the speed of the BCON3000Plus, and the latest 4096-pixel cameras can be connected together

  • Much more user friendly

    The multiple touch-screens give the feel of operation via tablet

  • Classification function (labeling function)

    • In addition to the conventional light and shade scoring system, the area and the size of the defect can also be displayed
    • Not only a conventional after-image display of the defect, but also the defect’s color, size and area are shown
  • Separate operating unit and control panel

    The separate control panel means that you can install the operating unit anywhere

  • Wide range of optional functions

    • Kurohyou function (A specialized method for inspecting laminates) * Patented (Patent No. 4979114)
    • Register alarm monitoring function (displays the results of detected shifts in registration position, and can apply sticky labels)
    • Density inspection
    • Simplified pitch measurement
    • Simplified still-image function
    • Shift detection
    • Setting inspection for each area

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