Inductive Autowide Sensors AWI Series

Inductive Autowide Sensors AWI Series


Introducing strip position detectors with outstanding environmental resistance that use an electromagnetic induction method!

AWI Autowide Sensors are used in CPC (Center Position Control) to continuously detect the position of the center of strip without physical contact.
These sensors are maintenance free and can be used continuously. There is no loss of sensitivity due to component deterioration over time. Not only will they perform steadily for a long period of time; they do not require on-going on-site calibration, which makes them significantly easier to use.
Note: Simple calibration using a calibration jig is required for initial adjustment on site.


  • On-going on-site calibration is not necessary
  • Maintenance free » Different to optical sensors, AWI sensors do not require maintenance
  • Unaffected by light » These sensors are hardly affected at all by external light
  • Even under extreme environments » These sensors are hardly affected at all by dust or scale

Operating principles

The AWI sensor generates lines of magnetic force between coils on either side of the strip and measures the changes in the position of the strip passing between the coils from the amount of change in these force lines (see Figure 1). The sensor has a transmitting coil and a receiving coil that are opposite each other, with the strip between them. The transmitting coil generates magnetic force lines and the receiving coil receives them. When a strip enters the gap between the transmitting and receiving coils, some of the magnetic force lines from the transmitting coil are blocked, which causes a variation in the magnetic force lines received by the receiving coil (see Figure 2).
Therefore, by calculating the amount of change in the lines of magnetic force received by the receiving coil, the position of the strip can be accurately detected.


Power supplyDC24 V (0.5 A, with an option uninstalled)
Deviation outputDigital output (CircLink output)
Digital output (Ethernet/IP output) *Optional
Analog output (± 200 mm / ±5 V) *Optional
Alarm output“Healthy,” “No strip,” “Roll out,” “Excess deviation”
Ambient temperature during operation0 to 50°C
Ambient humidity during operation35 to 85% RH
Sensor accuracyAWI***-3: ±3 mm
AWI***-5: ±5 mm
Response time20ms

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