Linear Sensor LSF4096

Linear Sensor LSF4096


This linear sensor is a one-dimensional image sensor applied to measure position with a high degree of accuracy


  • Simple Operation

    ・Operates using a single-voltage power supply (DC +15 V)
    ・Simply connect the power supply and a voltage (0 to 5 V) is output in proportion to the count (incident light pixel count).
    ・The count (incident light pixel count) is shown on the LED display, making it easy to check the operation.

  • Wide range of scanning times

    ・The scanning time can be set from 2 msec to 20 msec.

  • Environmental resistance

    ・Can stably operate in an ambient temperature range of 0° C to +50°C.


Light-receiving element CMOS linear image sensor
Effective no. of pixels 4,096 pixels
Pixel interval 7 μm
Scanning time 2 to 20 msec per line
Data rate 3 MHz (2.7 to 7.0 msec per line),
750 Khz (7 to 43.7 msec per line)
Synchronization method Internal synchronization
Output signal Analog voltage DC 0 to 5 V
Power supply DC+15 V ±10% (0.3 A)
Display Decimal 4-digit 7-segment LED display
Lens mount Equivalent to a Nikon F mount
Ambient temperature 0 to 50°C

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