The Photohead is the sensor in an EPC (Edge Position Control) system. It uses photoelectric principles to detect the edge of the strip (web). The sensor signal is transmitted to an amplifier. The amplified output signal is sent to a hydraulic jet pipe-type regulator or a servo valve and the strip edge is controlled so that it remains in the determined position. If the Photohead will be used in an environment where it will be exposed to dust, or if there is the risk that oil or water droplets could fall onto the Photohead projector lens, please use a sensor that has a guard or an air purge.


Power supply Supplied from the LED dimmer unit (Power supply to the LED dimmer unit: DC 10 V 1 A (Max.)
Output A voltage (mV) in proportion to the change in light on the silicon light-detecting elements
Sensitivity Detects a strip (non-transparent web) displacement of 0.1 mm
Air purge air consumption 400 Nℓ/min (at 0.05 MPa)
Allowable back pressure within the case 0.05MPa
Paint color Silver
Ambient temperature -10 to +60℃
Effective detection length 20mm
Body material Cast aluminum alloy
Light source White LED 3 W
Mass PH50: 3 kg
PH51 : See below

Mass of PH51

PH51-3 300 200 270 540 554 31
PH51-4 400 200 320 640 654 33
PH51-5 500 200 370 740 754 36
PH51-6 600 200 420 840 854 38
PH51-7 700 400 470 940 954 40
PH51-8 800 400 520 1040 1054 42
PH51-9 900 400 570 1140 1154 44

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