Electromagnetic Guidance NS-CPC Sensor

Electromagnetic Guidance NS-CPC Sensor


A maintenance-free sensor which can be used long term in harsh environments.

The NS-CPC sensor continuously detects the strip (steel sheet and metal plate) edge positions using electromagnetic induction and outputs any discrepancy in the strip center position as a deviation signal. Because it uses electromagnetic induction, it is not affected by dust, steam, oil or other materials and its simple and robust structure allows it to be used reliably over long periods.


  • Electromagnetic Induction: the sensor does not use light.
  • Not affected by adhesion of dust, steam, oil or other materials.
  • Simple design and durable structure.
  • There are no consumable parts.
  • No changes in detection performance with time.
  • Truly maintenance free.

Signal Circuit and Cable Specifications

The NS-CPC sensor consists of a preamplifier and sensor (including 2 transmission coils, 2 reception coils and a specialized cable). The sensor straddles and is positioned facing the strip. The high- frequency magnetic field emitted from the transmission coils generates induced voltage in the receiving coils. This induced voltage changes with the strip position so the variances in the voltage at the receiving coils can be used to calculate the strip center position.



Sensor Type
Inspection plate width
NS-130 (Old Type NSD-100) 500 to1300mm
NS-190 (Old Type NSD-300) 600 to1900mm
NS-220 (under development) 500 to2200mm (planned)
Cable length 25mMAX (Can be cut to optimal length)
Transmission reception interval 400mm(fixed)
Range of detection ±100mm
Installation air temperature 0 to 60℃
Case material Hard vinyl chloride (PVC)


Preamplifier type NSA-100A ( NS-130 )
NSA-100B ( NS-190 )
NSA-100C ( NS-220 )
Output signal Strip variance ±5VDC/±100mm
Installation method Attachment
Installation air temperature 0 to 40℃
Installation air temperature 0 to 60℃
Mass 7.5kg
Power supply AC100V±10% 50/60Hz 100VA
Earthing Less than 10Ω

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