The PILOTJET is an industrial servo valve for converting electric signals (-200 to +200 mA DC) Please confirm with client. Into hydraulic signals, which is used mainly for EPC® in steel plants. The PILOTJET uses a highly reliable jet pipe system that has been extensively used, to ensure high operability and easy maintenance.


  • A dry detecting unit, that is not affected by magnetic dust in oil, reduces periodic maintenance.
  • A jet pipe system with extensive experience of use provides hydraulic control.
  • A servo mechanism for handing low to high flowrates is available in combination with a variety of gain boosters.
  • A wide range of gain boosters is available with hydraulic pressures of 0.8 to 14 MPa.
  • A simple structure allows for disassembly, reassembly, and adjustment in your plant.
  • Easy operation and maintenance


Single PILOTJET Controller

Input signal: +200 – 0 – -200mA DC (zero balance)
Resistance of moving coil: About 20Ω
Supply oil pressure: 1.2MPa
Jet pipe capacity*: About 3.5ℓ/min (at 1.2MPa)
Hysteresis error: Less than 2%
Fluctuation of neutral point: Less than 2%

Manifold Controller

Model of manifold controller M4SJ240 M5SJ240 M6SJ240
Gain booster BO9M BO9HM BO10M
Maximum hydraulic pressure MPa 5 14 10
Mass kg About 23 About 28 About 48
Hydraulic pressure of jet pipe MPa 1.2
Permissible back pressure of return oil MPa 0.1

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