The Autowide Sensor AWL is used mainly for CPC (center position control) to detect the center line on a strip (web).

It can continuously control the center line at a constant position without changing the position of the sensor each time the width of the strip changes (large changes such as seams etc.). The AWL is a new generation of detector which uses a highfrequency LED as the projector and SPDs(silicon photo diodes) as the detector.


  • The LED of the light source ensures a longer service life.
  • The SPD of the detecting element ensures a higher response than conventional sensors.
  • The light source is lit at a high frequency and is synchronized.There is almost no effect from peripheral light(less than 1/50,compared with a fluorescent lamp-type Autowide Sensor).
  • The sensor gap be fixed at any position.

Principle of Operation

The right and left detectors detect the deviation of the strip edges from the center line, and send signals the amplifier. The amplifier amplifies the difference between the right and left signals and sends the signal to the hydraulic controller or electric controller to perform CPC. When a strip travels with its center coincident to the center of the line, the signal from the amplifier is zero. In this state, the work cylinder is positioned at the center. When a strip deviates either to the right or to the left, the positive or negative signal, which is determined by the direction for correction, is transmitted to the controller, and the cylinder works in the direction to correct the displacement of the strip.

Principle of Operation


Model AWL631 AWL781 AWL931 AWL1081
Effective detecting length (mm) 450 600 750 900
Strip width (mm) 265 (305) or more 315 (355) or more
Power consumption (VA) 28×2=56 30×2=60 32×2=64 34×2=68
Mass (1set) (kg) (5.2+5.8)×2=22 (6.8+7.2)×2=28 (9.1+9.5)×2=37 (9.1+9.5)×2=37
Air consumption*㎥/min 2 3 4 4
Sensor gap (mm) Type T: 300~1200mm ; Type M : 1200 – 3000mm
Detecting element SPD(silicon photo diode)
Light source LED(Light emitting diode)
Frequency response 15Hz
Resolution 0.2mm
Linearity ±1.5%
Effect of peripheral light Almost none
Power supply 100/110 V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
Ambient temperature 0 – +50℃
Painted color Black

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