Motor-Driven Actuator K12 series

Motor-Driven Actuator K12 series


We have translatory and rotary models in the K12 series, and both types are strengthened to withstand thrust load.

In addition, they are constructed to control thrust direction as much as possible and combining the translatory motor-driven actuators with planetary gear and ball screws in a single structure provides a strong and precise actuator.

Load Characteristics

Load Characteristics

仕 様

Linear model

ModelThrust (N)Stroke (mm)Speed (mm/s)Mass (kg)
K12-80-07 300 80 8* 3.1
K12-80-20 150 80 40* 3.0
K12-150-07 300 150 8* 3.7
K12-150-20 150 150 40* 3.7
Rated Speeds and speeds shown are when unloaded.

Rotary model

ModelTolque (N cm)Rated Speed (rpm)Gear ratioMass (kg)Rated voltage (DCV)
K12-00-70 120 80* 27.04 : 1 1.2 24 (1A)
K12-00-450 30 450* 5.2 : 1 1.1 24 (1A)
Rated Speeds and speeds shown are when unloaded.

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