Sensing Nozzle SN12G / SN15

Sensing Nozzle SN12G / SN15


The Sensing Nozzle pneumatically and continuously detects the displacement of a web edge without contacting the web. The air pressure for detection is sent to the diaphragm detecting element of the hydraulic controller or the pneumoelectric transducer.

The Sensing Nozzle (SN12) is designed for light industries such as paper, film and textiles. Low-pressure air is blown onto the web edge, therefore, blowing problems may be expected if web material is gauze or the tension is weak. In such a case, a guide bar is used to maintain a constant path line for the web. This sensing nozzle delivers the same performance as the SN15, in a smaller and more lightweight package. Use it in cramped areas where an SN15 won’t fit.


Sensor gap 10mm 30mm
Detecting length 10mm
Response speed 30ms
Resolution 0.1mm
Air consumption (supply pressure) 45L/min (4kPa)
Ambient operating temperature -20 to +60°C
Accessories 2 × 3 vinyl hoses(with 6 hose bands)
Body material Conductive plastic Die-cast aluminum alloy

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