MB Tension Sensor

MB Tension Sensor


The MB Tension Sensor was designed to be used with a tension controller or tension meter. It supports a wide range of products, with any tension range. The MB Tension Sensor has long been a strong seller, since sales were launched 20 years ago.



  • Proven Track Record and Reliability

    Without bearings or similar mechanical contacts, and employing a non-contact detection method using a differential transformer, the MB Tension Sensor is highly responsive with low hysteresis. The compact size also requires little space for installation.

  • Easy to Install

    The MB 05, 11, and 25 can be installed at any angle.

  • Wide Selection of Sensors

    1. Full range available, from low tension (100 N full scale) to high tension (10,000 N full scale)
    2. ②All sensors have intrinsically safe construction.
  • Overload Resistant

    The durable construction provides resistance to momentary overloads.



Model MB05B MB05A MB11B MB11A MB25B MB25A MB33B MB33A MB41
Rated tension (N) (50)100 200 (50)100 200 500 1000 (2000)
5000 10000
Roll displacement (μm/N) 2.38 1.19 2.63 1.30 0.44 0.22 0.071 0.045 0.023
Allowable roll weight (kg) 10 20 10 20 50 100 300 350 700
Allowable overload (N) Ten times rated load
Unit weight (kg) 1.5 0.8 3.4 16.1 24
テンション合力方向 Forward or reverse possible Forward or reverse possible Forward or reverse possible Forward or reverse possible Forward or reverse possible Forward or reverse possible Forward only (reverse impossible) Forward only (reverse impossible) Forward only (reverse impossible)
Mounting angle Any desired angle
Supply voltage DC +6V
Ambient temperature -10 to +60℃
Applicable bearings
  1. Figures for rated tension and allowable roll weight are for double-sided detection. For single detection the above figures should be halved.
  2. A 5m cable with connectors for connection to an amplifier is supplied.
  3. MB05, MB11 and MB25 can be wall mounted with a bracket. If the unit is equipped with a bracket, “-W” is added to the end of its model name. e.g. MB11B-W.
  4. Sensors with inherently intrinsic safety construction are also available. “S” is added to the end of the corresponding model name. e.g. MB11BS.

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