Paper sheet splice detector JC100N/JD101N

Paper sheet splice detector JC100N/JD101N




Detects the paper splicing position of the base paper prior to printing in the printing process and signals the presence of paper splicing.
It detects the paper splicing position and automatically calibrates the controller internally to detect the new paper meshing, even if the type or thickness of the new paper changes after splicing.


  • Even if the paper thickness changes, the detection judgment standard changes automatically, so it can be used without adjustment.
  • Since it is detected by changes in the amount of light transmitted, it is stable against vertical fluctuations in the pass line.
  • The lamp brightness is lowered by the ingenuity of the electric circuit, so the lamp life is greatly extended.
  • It is highly stable against disturbances such as power supply noise.


Power supplyAC100/110、200/220V、50/60Hz
Output contactOpen/close capacity AC200V 2A
Contact ON time: Approx. 3 seconds
Detection paper thickness0.05~0.2mm
Cable length4m (Standard)

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