High-temperature EPC sensor HE120A (for transparent webs)

High-temperature EPC sensor HE120A (for transparent webs)


The HE120A is a high temperature EPC sensor for use in temperatures of up to 300° C for detecting edges via the transmission method.


The sensor head is composed of a light-emitter and a light receiver between which the measuring object passes for measurement. The HE120A outputs an analog signal (0 to 5 V DC), based on the amount of light blocked out by the object being measured.


The HE120 high temperature EPC sensor is composed of a light-emitter / receiver unit and a heat-resistant fiber optic cable. The light emitted from the light-emitter (LED lamp) within the light-emitter / receiver unit passes out through the heat-resistant fiber optic cable (for the light-emitter) and in through the heat-resistant fiber optic cable (for the light-receiver), which is located on the side symmetrically opposite the measured object. This light is emitted onto the light-receiver element within the light-emitter / receiver unit, converted into an electronic signal and then output as an analog signal that ranges from 0 V DC (light completely interrupted) to 5 V DC (light completely uninterrupted).


Components 1 × light trancemission/reception unit (MD0408.0-10P)
2 × heat-resistant fiber optic cable (WM1003.1-12)
Zero-span adjustment jig
(To use this jig the fiber attachment bracket needs to be the specified shape.)
Detection range 8 mm
Light transmission and reception distance 50 mm ±1 mm
Application (acceptable measuring objects) Detection of transparent web (paper,sheet steel), film (depending on the material and thickness)
Mass approx. 2.3 kg (including the fiber attachment bracket)
  Light transmission/rececption unit Heat-resistant fiber optic cable
Model MD0408.0-10P MW1003.1-12
Operating temperature range 0 to 50°C (no freezing) 0 to 300°C (no freezing)
Operating humidity range 35 to 85% RH (no condensation) 35 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Mass Approx. 1.3 kg (includimg 5 m cable) Approx. 0.2 kg (one cable)
Metal materials SPCC steel, aluminum Stainless steel
Output signal 0 to 5 V DC
Light source Invisible light LED (890 nm)
Input power +15 V DC, 130 mA
–15 V DC, 60 mA
Fiber optic material Muiti-component grass
Minimum bend radius 50 mm
Structure IP40 equivalent* IP30 equivalent
* Structure with the heat-resistant fiber optic cables included.

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