Ultrasonic Sensor UH05

Ultrasonic Sensor UH05


Compact, Neat Design
Release of Space-Saving Ultrasonic Sensor

The Ultrasonic Sensor UH05 is an EPC (Edge Position Control) sensor developed for use with transparent film and photosensitive materials. Its installation in a space-saving space has become possible, which was difficult until now, and the designability has been improved so that it fits neatly into a compact machine. It can detect the edge of a web with high accuracy and is not affected by irregularities in the coating near the edge of transparent film and printed patterns. Conventional optical sensors cannot do this. The UH05 Ultrasonic Sensor can be combined with Nireco’ s controller to configure an electrical EPC system or an electrohydraulic EPC system. The recess length of the UH05 (the distance from the detection center position to the inner side of the casing) is fixed at 30 mm.


  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Reliable, proven stable detection is possible
  • Space saving and lightweight
  • It is widely applicable to photosensitive materials and opaque and transparent base materials
  • It can also be installed under a clean environment
  • RoHS / CE (EU) Certified Product


Detection gap 35 mm
Effective detection length 8 mm
Frequency response 200 Hz
Sensor output Hi mode : When the sensor is fully obstructed:0 V; When fully unobstructed: +5 VDC
Lo mode : When the sensor is fully obstructed:0 mV; When fully unobstructed: + 300 mVDC
* The factory default setting is Hi mode.
Load resistance: 2 kΩ or greater
Power supply voltage + 15 VDC (100 mA)
‒ 15 VDC (50 mA)
Ambient operating temperature 0 to +50°C
Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Mass Sensor head : 0.26 kg
Cable (5m) : 0.36 kg
Screw guider : 0.63 kg

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