Webguide Amplifier EH321B / EH322B

Webguide Amplifier EH321B / EH322B


The Web Guide Amplifier amplifies signals from the sensors to operate the Servoguide controller, and also functions as a controller.

Changeover between automatic and manual operation can he done with the manual operation pushbutton switch. Truce models are available depending in the type of sensor.



Control output -200 to 0 to +200mA DC (load 20 Ω , moving coil)(max. ± 250mA DC)
Dither : 4Vp-p, 50/100Hz rectangular wave
Power supply voltage 100 to 240V AC, automatic changeover, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 100VA
Solenoid valve * Power supply voltage
Ambient temperature 0 to +50℃
Installation Shelf, panel, or wall mounting
Mass 5kg
*The power supply voltage of the solenoid valve is 200/220V AC, 50/60Hz. If other voltages are used, the valve must be customized, and the specificarions of the Servoguide MK-IV. M controller must be changed.

Specification by model

Model EH321B EH322B EH322B/AWL
Input: sensor LH19
PH16B, PH21, PH30N, PH31N
UH01, AWE280A, SLH20BB
Pneumatic-electric converter(SN12G, SN15)
Input: Centering sensor SI12-NE4 SI12-NE4 SI12-NE4
Input: Remote control head LA100 RP100 RP100
Input: Fine adjuster 2k Ω (Potensiometer) 2k Ω (Potensiometer)
Input: Position transmitter 2k Ω (Potensiometer) 2k Ω (Potensiometer)
Output: Lamp power supply DC6V 5W DC6V 5W、DC12V 10W

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