MJ tension sensor (for vacuum environment) MJ**V

MJ tension sensor (for vacuum environment) MJ**V


The special structure of the sensor prevents deterioration of the internal components and outgas emission.
No mechanical measures are required for the main body of the tension sensor, making it compact and space-saving.


  • Can be used in a vacuum environment!
  • Measures to prevent outgas emission from the sensor!
  • Strain gauge detection method enables high-precision inspection!
  • Extremely low displacement under load, with no effect on the base material!
  • Compact size allows for space saving!


Rated tension (N)*1502005001000
Maximum roll load (N)*12002005001000
Maximum overload*1,37002000500010000
Roll displacement (µm·N)0.360.120.050.03
Frequency response (Hz)*2300
Main unit mass (kg)0.91.7
Direction of resultant tension forceForward or reverse
Mounting angleAny desired angle
Supply voltage±15VDC ±1V(+15V/50mA,-15V/10mA)
Ambient temperature/humidity0~+50℃、35~85%RH no condensation
IP Protection RatingIP30
Body*4Aluminum alloy + Stainless steel


  • *1 The figures for rated tension, maximum roll load, and maximum overload are for double-sided detection. For single-sided detection the above figures should be halved.
  • *2  The frequency response figure is with respect to a change of 1/10 in the rated tension. 
  • *3 The maximum overload represents the maximum value of the force exerted in the direction of the resultant force
  • *4 Surface treatment is available as an option. Teflon cable is used to reduce outgas emission from the cable.
  • *5 For vacuum pressure and environment, please contact us.

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