Other related equipment

Other related equipment


The Booster Amplifier is capable of amplifying the control signal of the tension controller into signals necessary for operating the electromagnetic and clutch.

The TB800 booster amp amplifies the 0 to 10-V control signal output of the tension controller to a maximum of 6 A. Although the TB820 is used with the same purpose as the TB800, the TB820 has attenuation, bias, and AUTO/MAN operational features.

Booster Amplifier TB800 (Current output type)

Booster Amplifier TB800
Input DC 0 – 10V
Output DC 0 – 24V (6A)
Power supply AC 100V, 110V, 200V, 220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 200VA
Ambient temperature 0 – +50°
Weight 5.3kg
Size 187(W)×210(H)×111.2(D)mm


These are encoder-type pluse generators which measure the travelling length of the web. Two measuring systems are available: one system where the number of revolutions of the shaft of measure roll is measured, and the other system where the web travelling length is measured directly on the measure roll.

Pulse Generator (Rotary Encoder)

The pulse generator mesures the web travel length, attached to the meaure roll. Select the one that meets the following specifications.

Pulse Generator LEC-**B-G12F

Pulse Generator (Rotary Encoder)
Power supply voltage 12V DC±10% or 15V DC±10%
Current consumption 150 mA or less
Output signal High: 10V or more, Low: 1 V or less (10mA)
Response frequency 10 kHz or more
Ambient temperature -10 ℃ to +60 ℃
Weight 350g

GATE GENERATOR (proximity switch)

The gate generator generates pulses for measuring the roll radius.

GATE GENERATOR (proximity switch)
Power supply voltage 10V DC to 30 V DC
Current consumption 10 mA or less
Output signal High: 10V or more, Low: 1 V or less (10mA)
Response frequency 500 Hz or more

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