CMOS Linear Sensor SLH30

CMOS Linear Sensor SLH30


The CMOS linear sensor (model SLH30) is a sensor used in our EPC (Edge Position Control) system. It uses projected LED light and a CMOS line sensor to detect the edge position of the web (the product in sheet form). The SLH30 is an EPC sensor that has been developed to be able to detect a wider range of materials.

Webs that are difficult to detect (such as tire cord, netting, non-woven fabric, electrical wires) can be detected. In addition, the 4096-pixel CMOS line sensor gives an excellent linearity and responsiveness.


Sensor gap 50mm
Range of measurement 26mm
Light source Red LED
Light source wavelength 670nm (visible light)
Detector element CCD linear sensor
Resolution 7 μm
Sensor analog output Voltage 0 to 5V, DC (max. 20mA)
Alarm output Open collector output (max. 35V 20mA)
Scan time 1msec
Power supply +15V DC (0.1A) / -15V DC (0.01A)
Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH (Note: no condensation)
Ambient temperature 0 to +50℃
Body material Aluminum alloy
Mass 0.65 kg (sensor head)
Sensor and screw guider: approx. 1.15 kg)

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