MG Tension Sensor

MG Tension Sensor


The MG Tension Sensor was designed to be used with a tension controller or tension meter. It features compact and rigid construction, high accuracy, reduced temperature drift and high response.

MG Tension Sensor


  • With excellent temperature characteristics, the compact size saves space as well.
  • Additionally, non-contact detection using a differential transformer yields improved precision.


Model MG010 MG020 MG050 MG100 MG200
Rated tension (N) 100 200 500 1000 2000
Roll displacement (μm=N) 2.63 1.23 0.48 0.20 0.11
Allowable roll weight (kg) 10 20 50 100 200
Allowable overload (N) Ten times rated load
Unit weight (kg) 1.5 2.6
Tension resultant direction Forward or reverse possible
Mounting angle Any desired angle
Supply voltage DC+6V
Ambient temperature -10 to +60℃
Applicable bearings UCP201 to 204
* UCP205 may also be employed when optional pillow-mounting
UCP201 to 204
pillow-employed when optional pillowmounting brackets (MD0178.0-12P) are used.
  1. Figures for rated tension and allowable roll weight are for double-sided detection. For single detection the above figures should be halved.
  2. A 5m cable with connectors for connection to an amplifier is supplied.

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