Automatic Register Control System MR101

Automatic Register Control System MR101


Space saving and simplified construction by eliminating the need for a control panel


  • New scanning heads

    • Longer life is achieved by using LEDs.
      There is no need to replace the lamp as with conventional sensors.
    • Available in white, red, and blue light source variations
      It enables the selection of a suitable light source for difficult-to-see marks and provides detection performance superior to that of conventional fiber detectors.
      1. Light source color selection is optional.
      2.The light source color can be selected for both M1 and M2.
    • Separable sensor for front and back detection
    • Simple explosion-proofing by air purge is possible.
  • Realizes space saving and simplified installation work

    • Control circuitry is built into the remote panel, eliminating the need for a control panel.
    • Simplified installation by reducing the number of components.
  • Simplified wiring

    Multi-drop system reduces construction costs.

  • Built-in AGC (Auto Gain Control) function

    Automatic adjustment of mark detection sensitivity to the optimum level

  • Built-in memory function

    JOB setting data can be recalled to enable printing under optimal conditions for repeat production.

  • Forward and reverse marks supported

    Capable of detecting products with mixed forward and reverse marks

  • Other functions

    • Initial registration function
    • Register mark (horizontal alignment) available


Web speed10 to 500 m/min
Cylinder size200 to 2000mm
Measurement accuracy±0.01mm (mark to mark)
Control speed1 mm/sec. (in a circumferential direction on the paper path)
0.5 mm/sec (differential gear)
0.5 mm/sec (lateral direction)
Fine adjustment range±5 mm (in a circumferential direction on the paper path)
No. of channels2 to 12 channels (8-channel system is standard)
Ambient operating temperature0 to +50°C
Ambient operating humidity 35 to 85% RH or lower (no condensation)

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